What do we use?

VEVAZZ Slim Line Lipo-Laser System

Each laser paddle operates at approximately 104* F.

Each of our LED paddles produces 50mw/cm2 (milliwatts per square centimeter) of infrared light energy with a wavelength of 650 nm (nanometers) equally over the treatment area.


Water is absorbed by the body.​

Glycerol is processed in two parts.

1. Dilution process

2. Diffuses through total body water

3. Disappears from bloodstream

4. Appears in urine

1. Enters bloodstream

2. Processed by the liver

3. Converted to Glucose and used as energy

Free Fatty Acids are processed in three parts.

1. Enters bloodstream

2. Processed by the liver

3. Converted to Glucose and used as energy

1. Combines with Oxygen and becomes energy in the Mitochondria within a cell

1. Absorbed by the lymphatic system via circulation

2. Processed by the liver

3. Converted to Glucose and used as energy

How does it work?

Targeting the Adipocytes (Fat Cells)

The cells begin at rest.

When the Lipo-Laser treatment begins, the energy from the lasers begins to irradiate (or illuminate) the fat cells. As the cells are illuminated, pores begin to form on the cells' surface that allow the contents to spill out.

Water, Glycerol, & Free Fatty Acids are released from the cells during treatment, the same as when we exercise. Then the lymphatic system (the body's sewage system) removes the fat contents ad toxins from the body.

What does the Lymphatic system do?

Lymphatic vessels collect fluid; the fluid gets flushed through the lymph-nodes, back into the bloodstream and through the kidneys, which allows your body to get rid of toxins through urine and bowel movements.

VEVAZZ Vibe Therapy Plate

12 minutes of high intensity vibration that mimics exercise is completed immediately after treatment.

The vibrations cause the muscles to contract and relax multiple times a second, the same as when you are exercising. Since the cells remain open for 24 hours after treatment, our body needs help to flush the lymphatic fluid through our bodies immediately after opening them. So, the rapid contracting of your muscles acts as a "pump" that pushes the lymphatic fluid around your body, eventually removing toxins and waste.

On average our patients lose 0.5" - 3.0" after the first 20-minute treatment. We take measurements from 3 points of the belly, and 2 points from the arms OR 3-4 points of the thighs. ​With a 12 treatment package we've seen an average of 3-5" lost. With an 18 treatment package we've seen 6-8"(or more) lost!

Now, everyone loses weight differently.

We cannot guarantee an average of pounds lost. We CAN, however, encourage a healthy lifestyle for which your body will reward you.

What kind of results will I see?